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Being stressed can make you fat. And I can help you change this.

Posted on 25 May, 2017 at 11:20 Comments comments (0)

I get so many insights from clients who come to my hypnotherapy for weight clinics in Shrewsbury or in Newport Shropshire. You are all different, all unique, at the same time there are some common issues most of you are grappling with. Probably the most important is how mental attitude determines how we look and how we behave. This includes how we eat, and therefore whether we stay fat or get slim.

In the next few blog posts I am going to look at how our thoughts affect our weight – the mind body connection which affects the whole of our life and well-being.


Stress, anxiety, feeling unhappy can affect our physical health.

Stress, your body and your weight


Let’s take a look at what damage unresolved stress can do to your body and how that can affect your weight.


If you are stressed your body reacts in so many different ways, some of these can affect your digestion and your body’s ability to

absorb the nutrients in food.

Here are just two important ones:

If you are stressed, your liver produces more glucose so you have too much sugar in your system, in the worst cases this can lead to Type 2 diabetes. As well as this, your stomach produces too much acid and food is not be absorbed into your body properly. This can mean you lose contact with your natural appetite – that wonderful system which keeps you in balance, in this circumstance you can forget what is like to feel hungry, then to eat and feel full.

Stress, behaviour and fat

On top of this, stress nearly always causes fatigue and tiredness and we lose the desire to look after ourselves, to take time off and relax. One thing which often goes is a good routine, so regular eating, shopping, cooking fresh food and taking enjoyable exercise can all disappear. Fast food, no exercise, slumping in front of the TV, that’s a recipe for getting fat.

Slim for Life and how we can work together


So that’s the bad news. Now the good news, if you come to see me, we can we work together to sort this out.


Firstly, a home truth, we eat all the time – we have to eat or we will die. This is obvious but it’s implications are not. Think about it, other bad habits you can just stop. Stop Smoking, Stop Drinking whatever. But you can’t stop eating, getting good habits here has to be more subtle, more nuanced.


How and what we eat is our decision and one where we can get in control. If we are in emotional balance, emotionally healthy and well, it will be much easier to make good food choices.


In my hypnotherapy slimming sessions I will help you deal with the negative emotions which might be leading you into stress. We can do this using a variety of techniques which help you let go of beliefs or memories which are causing you pain.

This may seem a long way from losing weight, but it is not. If you are experiencing emotional pain it is easy to turn to food, after all food is always there, to try to soothe yourself.


Come for an introductory session and I will explain more. I will also show you how, in just an hour, you can help yourself to feel better: more relaxed, more positive and ready to have that great slim life. Be Slim for Life!

Next time. How the energy in your body can help or hinder your weightloss. And how my techniques can get all that energy flowing well again.

Good mood food. My tips for eating to get happy

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It is no accident that my programme is called Slim for Life. The life part is as important as the slim part as far as I am concerned. I do not want you being nice and slim but sitting at home feeling deprived. I want you out there, making the most of your life.


I am certain that you are going to feel better as you lose the fat. You will feel more in control of your life, healthier and better about yourself. Clients who visit my hypnotherapy for slimming clinics in Shrewsbury or in Newport Shropshire get a complete service, getting your weight down is at the forefront but so is what you will do as you become slimmer. I will help you realise your dreams whatever they are.


In this post, I am going to share something with you which will give you an extra boost.


Did you know that eating certain food can directly affect your mood?


Here is a quick guide to some common ingredients in food and what they can do for you what you can eat to change the way your mood


Foods to eat What they contain and how it affects you

• Brazil nuts, meat, fish, eggs contain selenium (this lifts mood and helps combat depressions)

• Liver, green vegetables, citrus fruits, beans contain folates which also help lift depression

• Red meat, fish contain iron to help get rid of lethargy

• Dark green leafy vegetables, dairy products contain vitamin B which soothes irritability

• Nuts and seeds contain magnesium which helps produce serotonin the brain chemicals which help you feel happy and relaxed

• Eggs, oily fish contain acetylcholine which increases sharpness of thinking. So fish really is good for the brain; the old tale is true.

• Cottage cheese, chicken, turkey, oats, tuna contain tryptophan which produces serotonin and melatonin increasing feelings of happiness

• Whole grains contain carbohydrates which sharpens the mind


Foods to avoid: what they contain and how it affects you

• Coffee, cola contain caffeine which can increase irritability and headaches

• Alcohol can lead to depression

• White flour can lead to unstable blood sugars making you feel tired

• Sugar has the same effect, unstable blood sugars making you feel tired


Next time. Being stressed can make you fat. I can help you change this.

You want to be, so how can you be Slim For Life? Top tips to create the lifestyle you want.

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Boredom eating? Overeating?

Heres the "thin" (no g) !! 

Stay busy.

"Oh is that the time?"

How many times have you said that in one day? Then you realise you've not eaten and possibly you're not hungry until your stomach feels like you've swallowed a dinosaur!

Take action and do stuff to keep busy! Join a club - Pilates, Yoga, Crafts, Tennis, Basketball, Knitting, Swimming, Archery, - something unrelated to your current life or work. Read books that give you encouragement. Help a friend, volunteer or try something new every week.

Overfill your diary and not your stomach :)

Happy to be slim for life!