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You CAN be Slim For Life!

 I’m so pleased you are here. We are going to have a great time together and YOU are going to lose that fat. I don’t care how fat you are, how many times you have failed now all that is changing. Is this you? You may have struggled for years with your weight, perhaps you believe that you can never be the slim attractive person you know is inside. I will prove you wrong. It will be tough, and it will be fun. You can do it !

So, what is special about My Slim For Life programme? 

No excuses !

First of all we are going to sweep all those excuses away. I will give you the support you need to face up to all the lies and nonsense you have told yourself over the years. These things are just keeping you fat. Excuses do not do you any good at all so we need to get rid of them. 

Blocks away !

Do you have any fears, beliefs or phobias which are blocking you and holding you back? I will work with you intensively and deeply to get to the roots of these and change them. Often we do not even know these things are there, but they are there in the background encouraging you to eat that extra biscuit or take that second helping. I will listen to you so we can find out what it is about your unique mindset which is contributing to keeping you fat. Those fat contributors have been limiting you and we can change them. You will be amazed at how quickly you change. You will be able to enjoy food and because you will feel in control you will be eating less and eating healthy foods. You will lose weight and feel better about everything. 

Get the T shirt.

I bet you dream of being able to get into smaller clothes. You may even have a size in mind. If you come on my programme you will literally get the t-shirt. Here is what I do: in our first session I will ask you what size you want. I will then get you a t-shirt IN THAT SIZE. That is YOUR T-SHIRT. And one day soon you are going to be wearing it. You can show off in it as well. Very soon you can join me and your fellow GET THE T-SHIRT Slim For Life successes at my special maintenance workshops. At these, you will get further expert advice from me and peer support. Keep on track and make new friends – friends with the same positive mindset as you. Gut receptor reactivating session If you have been eating badly, especially if you have been doing this for years then chances are you have lost contact with your appetite. In this special session I will recalibrate so you feel hungry when you need to eat and full when you have had enough. I cannot tell you how much you will enjoy eating when you feel hungry and even more stopping when you are full. Lymphatic drain massage I work with a lymphatic massage expert, Olwen Doody, to give that extra touch. Her special lymphatic drain massage will drain the toxins from your system and make you feel great. And it is very relaxing so you will get another boost too. Daily contact by text message: the ‘one or the other’ system I will be watching you! Every day you will receive a short text message from me to keep your mindset where it should be. It is simple and powerful: I will ask you to tell me ‘are you pleased with your progress today or are you not pleased with your progress today’. You have to answer yes or no. One thing or the other. That means you can celebrate when things go well and if they are not going well you have to admit it and we can address it. You can reply to my message asking any questions and requesting more support should you need it. My real-life stepping stones What you do with your body affects your mind and that it is how my SlimForLife Stepping Stones work. I will talk to you about the significant things which are going to happen to you over the next year – then we make stepping stones to take you from now to there. In a session you will make the step from now to there and it will feel GREAT. You will never forget what it feels like when you step onto your slimmer self and you will WANT IT with every part of your being. It is the best motivator I know. And there is an extra bonus – when you are standing on your ‘goal’ step you can talk back to your current self and encourage, support and tell your current self EXACTLY what is needed to get to your goal. 


Sound like Fun? 

Ready to Go? 

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