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What to expect when you come to see me for my Slim For Life Programme.

I know, it can all be a bit daunting, can’t it? You need to do something to get that fat off, you have heard that hypnotherapy works and you want to try it, but perhaps you feel a bit nervous, a bit apprehensive and worry that you are going to be subjecting yourself to something you will not like. You may even worry about losing control or being made to do things you do not want. I will help if you know what to expect so I am going to let you know what is likely to happen when you come to see me. 

Just a little caveat, I will treat you as the unique individual you are and will tailor my sessions to your needs and your particular blocks and problems -- so until we have met and talked together I cannot tell you exactly how your sessions will go. I can give you some idea though. 

To start with, I will listen. I want to find out what has happened to get you to this point so we can work together on changing it. By expert questioning I will help you find out why you over-eat. When we know this, we can begin focused and targeted action to change that mindset. I have extensive training and a whole number of tools and techniques at my disposal and I will use whichever suits your particular issues the best. Here are a few examples. If your eating problems are rooted in your childhood experiences and beliefs we can use hypnosis to take you back to those memories and begin to change how you feel about them. Or perhaps you find it difficult to cope with negative emotions and eat to make yourself feel better – if this is you, we might use one of the techniques based on working with your body’s energy fields to remove those emotional blocks. 

Like many people, if you have been fat for a long time you may have lost your confidence and belief in yourself. Using hypnotherapeutic visualisation techniques, I can convince your subconscious mind that you can lose the weight and you will feel better when you do. I can even take you into this bright future so you can experience exactly what it feels like to be Slim for Life. These techniques are gentle and safe. You need bring no special equipment, just an open mind and a willingness to change. I promise we will have fun along the way as well. You can feel better than you have felt for years. And you will not be alone when you leave the hypnotherapy for weightloss Slim for Life session. I will keep in regular contact with you via text message and give you homework to support you and make sure you make progress every day.